Here comes the newbie.

First post. Let’s start with a Hi! I’m Miranda and pretty much because I choose to be a shut-in while taking care of my son, I thought maybe blogging could be for me. The one little itty bitty teensy weensy problem is sitting right next to me begging for attention as we speak.. type rather. He’s slightly spoiled, but super cute.

I have a passion to bake. I’m not so much of a recipe inventor as a recipe reader and tryer. I should mention I am a new word inventor though. I take most of my pictures with my iphone. It’s the closest thing to my hands at all times and I don’t have a big fancy camera. If I prove to be a fantastic newbie blogger I might just save up my survey bucks to get a fancy camera. Oh yes,  I take tons of surveys to make extra money for my terrible kitchen “essentials” fetish. My husband would buy me anything we could afford, but I find that I feel better and a little bit less selfish if I make the cash on the side.

We moved just a few months ago and we have tons of light in this house. The last house we lived in was very shaded. I called it our dungeon. It was ridiculously dark. So much so, that when I would go outside I found that I always had my sunglasses on or the sunvisor down in the truck. From what I have read, sun light really does wonders for a nice picture.

Now that my little introductory is finished, I’m going to go get in the shower and get some house work done before my little guy has to go get shots this afternoon. I’ll be back later this week with some homemade sprinkles (hopefully) and other goodies.


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