Experimenting with making homemade vanilla extract

I spend so much money in buying vanilla extract that I decided to brew up some of my own. I cashed in some of my survey money on amazon to get vanilla beans. I ordered 1/4lb of premium Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans. They came all vacuum packed and still looking moist. I think I spent around 16 bucks on approximately 27 beans.


I, then, dug out my vodka that was already three-fourths used up. I couldn’t wait to buy some more so I cut two beans in half and then sliced them down the middle. I don’t think the first one opened up, which sucks! So after two weeks of letting my beans sit in my vodka it looks like this.


It’s not the best looking stuff at only two weeks in, that’s for sure. I read somewhere that you always want to make sure the vanilla beans are covered by the alcohol. Otherwise, your beans will mold and ruin the entire batch. It smells AH-MAY-ZING though. I want to chug it down; it smells that delish.

I made it to the liquor store this last weekend to get a huge bottle of vodka. I’m cheap and didn’t think it would really matter what brand I got. I think vodka tastes like pure kerosene regardless of the brand, anyhow. I picked of a bottle for like 13 or 14 bucks. They failed to card me. It was quite devastating to me. I’m 26 years old and those two men didn’t find it fit to card me. RIDICULOUS. PERIOD. Just so we’re clear, it’s not because I’m crazy pants about underagers going into liquor stores to buy alcohol, it’s definitely because I feel as if I look maybe 21.


There she is. I threw a placemat underneath it to feel fancy schmancy, I guess. I dumped probably 1/2 a cup into the other bottle so that there was room for beans and to shake the bottle whenever I think of it.

vodka2Just like so! I decided to cut 7 beans in half and then down the middle to stick in the bottle. I know I’ll probably need more, but I feel like I’m losing all my beans at once. I have a hard time parting with things so suddenly. This will be a repeated issue as you follow me on my baking adventures. I read that you can use the extract as soon as 9 weeks, but we’ll see how well mine comes together. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on my experiment.

vodka3They are nestled in the bottle of the bottle just waiting to spread their goodness everywhere. (I hope) Make sure you keep the extract in a cool place. I put both of mine in the fridge to do its work.


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