Cake pop frenzy!

I’m a Youtube fanatic and I watch quite a few cake pop videos. Why, you make ask. Well, because the people I watch make them. Yup, no crazy answers here. Anyway, they look easy enough.


As I said earlier, I just don’t think I could stand making a cake from scratch to only crumble it up and make it into a batter ball. So.. I went to the store and bought myself a dollar cake mix. I love myself some devil’s food cake, so that was my pick.

cakemixHere I am doing as the box says. I added all of my ingredients and now it’s time to whisk with my brand new whisk.

whiskcakebatterJust like that! After you get most of the lumps out of the batter, go ahead and put it in a 9×13 pan and bake it. I just followed the directions on the box. bakedcake

Isn’t she a beaut? I love the shiny top that you get from the boxed cake mixes. Now, I just cut it up into chunks and threw it into my bowl.IMG_1007[1]I added about 1 1/2 cups of my favorite buttercream. You can even use the store-bought frosting, if you want! I mixed until it looked like a big stiff ball of cake batter.

cakepopsinthemakingThis is where it got tricky. This right here is right up my husband’s alley. Yes, he did, in fact, get his own little bowl of this. I had to work quick before he came back for seconds. I used my small cookie scoop and scooped little balls on my cookie sheet. They weren’t perfect at this point, but I would have time to roll them into little balls. cakeballs

Whoa, cake balls galore! So I had to shove everything around in my freezer to make this huge cookie sheet fit. Eventually I got these babies in the freezer to set for a few hours. Once I got them out, I rolled them into balls. My son, who is just like his father, was standing next to me on my stool to reach the cupboards picking the balls off as I rolled them. He also loves sweets.. A LOT. rolledballsI sure do take a lot of pictures. I really enjoy looking at pictures on the blogs I read. I’m trying to read what I can to help my photography. I’ll get better. I have to. I hope.

I melted my coating chocolate wafers in the microwave. I found that once I stuck the sticks in they did not fit in my freezer anymore. So, all this shenanigans about pop them back in the freezer is erroneous. Erroneous was one of my least favorite words in college. I went to college for court reporting if that helps you understand why I heard erroneous on a daily basis.

I just kept the chocolate very warm. Once it starts to cool, it gets thick and will make the cake break off the sticks. Next time I think I’ll add a little crisco to the chocolate to thin it out. dryingpopsI tried to get sprinkles on the chocolate, but it dried too quick. I decided it was best to not bother with the sprinkles.. this time! As you can see, some survived the husband and baby.

IMG_1020[1]There we have it. A cake pop bouquet to say OM NOM NOM.

*FYI.. putting the cake pops in the fridge and not the freezer would be better. I noticed when the cake pops were put in the freezer the chocolate cracked and there was some water. They were still delicious, but next time I’ll definitely do the fridge.


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