I’m Miranda. I’m a stay-at-home mom who has decided to try her hand at blogging. I live in upstate NY and visit north central PA often. My mama and dad live down there, where I was born and raised.

My husband has been known to call me his old woman wife. I have “old woman” interests. I have a passion for baking and gardening. My husband and baby boy love the sweets and aren’t so fond of the vegetables. I used to be artistic and want to try to get back in touch with that side, but instead of drawing hopefully it’s with photography. I like to sew and try my best to crochet. Sadly, I only have the granny stitch down. Maybe I should Youtube some crocheting videos for some help. I tried to use the books, but they start using abbreviations and I get confused.. quickly.

I like to take surveys to earn money for my baking things. I bought my kitchenaid mixer with survey money. I have found a few places I really don’t enjoy doing them from and find it not worth the while so the income is a little less now. Oh well!

I’m a cat lover. I have three kitties, but my oldest one has my heart. We even share a pillow at night, so yes, waking up with a mouth full of Kiki hair is a ritual. My hubby is a dog lover. We have two little pains in the butts. Alli, the youngest, loves to lay under my feet while I’m in the kitchen. Why, you may ask. Well, this is “The Baking Mom.. The Messy Edition” and I am so very messy. At times, it just gets down right ridiculous.


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